Company Profile


     JBM is located in the Shunde District of Guangdong Province, China, a famous furniture manufacturing area, neighboring to Hong Kong and Guangzhou. There are thousands of furniture manufacturers in the area where is one of the largest furniture manufacturing hubs in Asia. Jinbaoma Furniture was founded in 1983, and it was originally a spring factory and called the “Spring Expert” locally. Over the last twenty years, the company has expanded its facility to over 300,000 square meters and currently consists of three mattress factories and one solid wood board furniture plant. Our products include mattress, sofa, wood bed and furniture material.

      The facilities are equipped with large scale assembly lines for spring and unwoven fabric production and a state of the art digitally controlled sponge production system. JBM has reached the capacity of making over 1,000,000 premier quality mattresses yearly and it has become the largest mattress export manufacturer to Japan among all the global competitors. Our products also have been exported to Southeast Asia and America. Besides meeting our production demand, our furniture materials are supplied to other local furniture plants and also exported to Japan and the United States. As the largest mattress manufacturer and No.1 exporter of furniture in Shunde District, Jinbaoma Furniture has won the award of “Excellent Furniture Export Enterprise” by the Chinese government. Advanced production equipment from Japan and the United States of America have been introduced into our production line, and more and more highly skilled designers and internationally experienced management personnel are joining our fast developing company. In order to compete at higher level of business, independent departments have been created for design and development, quality control and management, and manufacturing research.

      In JBM, “3Q” are the fundamental business strategies, that is, Quality, Quantity, and Quickly. JBM realizes that quality is No.1, quantity means cost and profit optimization, and quick service is the keys to win over customers. We believe that all competition is based on quality, price, and service, the 3Qs strategy is JBM's strength. For better management of our company, JBM introduced the famous Japanese “5S” Manufacturing Housekeeping. Seiri ( Sort ), Seiton ( Set ), Seiso ( Shine ), Seiketsu ( Standardise ), and Shitsuke ( Sustain ). By following the Japanese industrial management model, continuous improvement in our production management and quality control have been realized. Our company has been certified by ISO9001 for its Quality Management System, ISO14001 for its Environment Management System, OHSAS18001 for its Health and Safety Management System, Global Manufacturer Certificated China Environmental Labeling Product Certificate and all our products meet the United States CFR 1633 and British BS5852 Flammability Standard requirements.

     In summary, our goal at JBM is to become the largest Chinese OEM mattress manufacturer and the largest soft furniture material supplier. Our business model is “Mutual Benefit and Sharing Prosperity”. When our customers succeed, we benefit too.